Sound of Serenity
An Autobiography of Thought by Paeti Gustav Xaviers


This book was an autobiography of thought that began with the little girl, trying to prove she was a genius by figuring out God. As the book developed, the subconscious seed that was planted when she was a child grew and blossomed, affecting all aspects of her life.

Through periods of marijuana abuse to being diagnosed with mental illness, she pursued her quest: to find God. In the book she related experiences that proved, to her, God's existence and she shared what she believed to be either divine knowledge imparted upon her or realizations achieved after prayerful meditations. These enlightenments included the proper use of marijuana, the spiritual interpretation of mental illness, a possible cure for a stressed economy and even the birth of God.

The book ended when she finally found a home with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She waded through the recovery of the tiring and tattering journeys of her life and reached a state of spiritual calm after struggling through the frustrations of the development of what she believed to be her mind's third eye and not mental illness at all.

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"Xaviers writes with elegance, a prose that is as simple as the inner voice she’s sought to hear over the years." - Reader's Favorite

"It’s a beautiful story simply told, a story that will find resonance in many souls." - Reader's Favorite

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