Sound of Serenity
An Autobiography of Thought by Paeti Gustav Xaviers

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"Paeti Gustav Xaviers’ The Sound of Serenity is an autobiography crafted to read like a very interesting novel, a rare find indeed. From the early days of life, from building a friendship with a Jewish boy, to being considered a junkie, and through restlessness to finally finding peace in God, the author lifts the veil and reveals a broken person seeking healing and redemption. As the author struggles to find answers to her illness and abuse, she is startled to discover that beyond our human brokenness, beyond our fears, beyond our vulnerable fragility, there is the voice of God who calls us to union with Him.

"Xaviers writes with elegance, a prose that is as simple as the inner voice she’s sought to hear over the years. It’s a beautiful story simply told, a story that will find resonance in many souls. And this could be the story of each of us, because in the heart of her story is the one thing that animates every soul: the quest for redemption. Told in the first person point of view, the story will draw readers in, making them feel like they are part of the story. The Sound of Serenity will make readers remember their own battle and feel encouraged that at the end of the dark tunnel there is light, and that beneath our brokenness there is a child of purity. This is a story of hope and redemption, a story that communicates the wonderful news that we can always find answers to the questions that baffle our minds, that there is peace when we finally come home to God. Xaviers' journey towards healing is a tale that will inspire millions, a highly recommended autobiography."

- Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

"The Sound of Serenity by Paeti Gustav Xaviers is an autobiography covering a controversial and complex journey in search of spiritual enlightenment. What started out as childhood competition between two best friends to prove who was smarter turned into a lifetime pursuit for one. What began as mere childhood curiosity soon became an obsession that would have her searching for true understanding of existence and God. She, however, soon came to believe that she could not attain the understanding she desperately sought in an ordinary state of mind, but rather by taking her mind to the next level through the use of marijuana. This brought on a strong marijuana addiction for about six years during which time she believed she reached the spiritual state required to truly understand and connect with God. Where everyone believed her to be mentally ill, she believed they just did not understand her spiritual quest. Follow this relentless journey in the search for spiritual enlightenment that drove her to mental institutions, to prison, and to the very edge.

"The Sound of Serenity by Paeti Gustav Xaviers is the author's narration of a very controversial and very complex spiritual quest, and her clash against a system and people that did not understand her struggle. Her distinction between the use and abuse of marijuana, as justified at the time, is a clear example of her struggle and how desperate she was for the answers she needed but could not find in all books written on the subject. Her use of the drug to attain a spiritual high walked a very thin line in the distinction between use and abuse and such a line could easily be crossed. The story clearly highlights the author's spiritual struggle for deeper understanding and true connection with God."

- Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

"The Sound of Serenity by Paeti Gustav Xaviers is the author's story of her struggle to find God and her struggle to live with the label of being called 'mentally ill.' The book begins with the author being very young and trying to figure out God. Thinking being her favorite pastime, the author spent a lot of time engrossed with thoughts about God. The subconscious searching for something better always influenced the author and her addiction to substances dominated her growing up. The author's yearning to discover God gave a deeper meaning to her existence. It's a story of healing, self-discovery, self-recovery, and will inspire and motivate readers to look into their lives with a different perspective and understand the importance of God in everyone's lives.

"It's not always easy to get out of the negativity you bring into your life through addictions and bad living. I found the author's journey to self-recovery and healing encouraging and uplifting. Her learning about life and its lessons is palpable and connects with readers. The author's transformation is inspirational and will motivate readers to make changes in their own lives. The book speaks about spiritual activity, the impact of positive and negative emotions, and the freedom of choice we individuals have when it comes to believing. The simplicity and grace of God is highlighted throughout the book and the author's 'Mormon Life,' 'Third-Eye Life,' and 'Normal Life' show how the author lived under the guise of not being overly religious, and stigmatized as 'mentally ill.' An encouraging story of healing and self-recovery."

- Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

"How to describe this book by Paeti Gustav Xaviers, other than say it is by far one of the most engaging and unique novels I’ve read in a long time! Although it is a more of a memoir, not sure if it qualifies as a novel, but I digress…This is one emotional rollercoaster following her unorthodox and ultimately inspiring life. The author Paeti Gustav Xaviers pulls us in to the story right from the opening pages, and skillfully narrates a wide-ranging storyline full of complex and deeply emotional issues. In my opinion it is the way we root for her as she goes through her personal journey that really makes it stand out for me. Relatable and sympathetic, even though her life is totally different from mine. And it is so refreshing to see her faith in God after all her ups and downs. A memorable read and a keeper for sure. Recommend."

- Jenna Brewster – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

"“The Sound of Serenity” by Paeti Gustav Xaviers is written for a wide audience, despite the title. I thought it would be overly “Christian” or perhaps even “preachy”, but there was none of that here… just an acknowledgement, honoring, and respect for her God and knowing that she is loved no matter what was happening and despite all she went through to find her home in the LDS church. A wonderful message for anyone, I think. As someone who doesn’t subscribe to any particular religion, I found myself being completely invested and touched by this author’s life journey, with all the challenges. Her lifestyle and experiences are wildly different from my own, and it was interesting to read about – however I feel many people have gone through similar circumstances, and Ms. Xaviers seems to be stronger and wiser for it. I found myself tearing up more than once, and thought that Ms. Xavier’s writing was poignant and authentic…like she was a friend talking to me. An eye-opening and uplifting book that I truly hope finds a wide audience because I do feel that so many could benefit from reading it and would really enjoy it."

- Claire Middleton – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

"“The Sound of Serenity” by Paeti Gustav Xaviers is one of the most engaging and well-crafted books I’ve read in a long time. I was completely drawn in from the get-go, and absolutely loved the author’s use of description of the different events and locales, and her attention to detail for the memories/recollections she shares. There is a lot of life and drama in these pages, and Ms. Xaviers is such a great storyteller, it’s like a friend or family member is talking and we just want to keep listening. It is told all in narrative prose so there is little to no dialogue. Some readers may not like that, but I felt it worked here… and was surprisingly fast paced and action packed, with surprising twists and turns. A quick read that I finished in the course of a few nights, and I enjoyed every page… even the “harsher” ones. Recommend for fans of bio/memoirs and Spiritual nonfiction."

- Darla Ortiz – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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